What in the Social Media is THIS? 5 Important tips and observations that we’ve learned since starting CamMorgan Boutique.

Starting an online boutique

11 weeks into our entrepreneurial journey and I’m back again to discuss my new found frenemy, social media! The magnificent introvert duo (Aysia and myself) have somehow found a way to navigate through Instagram and Facebook with a whopping 120 posts on IG resulting in 2,576 followers; and FB we have only 319 page likes although combined we have over 5,000 views for our posted videos alone! Personally, I believe that this is a fairly nice start for us, although I’m know  that we have not seen success since our main goal of transforming all those “likes” and “views” into sales hasn’t been completely realized at this point. With that said, here is the set of 5 tips and observations that we have experienced so far:

  • The BOTS are real!
    • We’ve heard about social media bots that magically post to accounts for you and fake followers that boost your image with increased followers; honestly until starting CamMorgan Boutique I thought that the idea of social media bots was a myth but trust me it’s not an episode of the Netflix show Mirror Black, the BOTS are real! Growing your social media presence organically can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming! In come the bots! For a mere $2.99 and up you can purchase followers, likes, views, and even comment on other pages but this engagement is exactly what it appears to be, it’s FAKE! Fake followers do not comment, like, or most importantly purchase merchandise! The only real reason to add fake boosts to your social media account is to adjust the algorithm within IG which bases how your posts are shared throughout their network largely on your popularity/interaction levels.  Otherwise, for a business that is attempting to market products, it’s best to take the time to grow your network of followers and friends organically.

  • Facebook and Instagram marketing works!
    • Now comes the best way to grow your pages organically. First off post, post, and post again! Who cares if your annoying…you have a product to sell and you must stand behind it 199%! An article published by Watertight Marketing lists the following 6 reasons to repeat yourself often in marketing (2017):
        • Repetition is essential to learning
        • Action rarely happens on the first encounter
        • You can freshen up old content with a new angle
        • It’s new to each new person who encounters it
        • People love knowing what to expect from you
        • Great content doesn’t date, it puts down roots

    One of the best methods that I have found to create repetitive marketing is through the use of paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. By placing one ad on FB, it will be shared across all platforms on both FB and IG. Now this does get expensive but at the same time it nets positive results and it will expose your brand o a greater marketplace that you could reach on your own. One thing that I will note that can be a downfall with FB and IG ads is that the algorithm that they use to determine who will see your add isn’t always beneficial to your brand. For example, CamMorgan is a boutique that specializes in women’s apparel and cosmetics yet at times, 85% of the likes we receive on a posted ad are from men. You can get around this if you have a gender or age specific market that you would like to target by creating a target group that defines the exact sex, regions, and age range for those you want to market to. I highly suggest this if you have a gender or age specific brand but know that you may still miss advertising to consumers that do not fall within your demographic that would have been likely have interest in your brand.

    • You must engage other users!
      • It’s not called social media for no reason! In order grow organically you must be social. Interact, follow, and comment often on other posts and pages. Give followers a small glimpse into your personal life (or the image you have created for your brand). Within your target market, find a niche and create your social media brand based on the crowd of consumers you are attempting to achieve. Never be afraid to engage with your new virtual image, it’s just social media….they can’t hurt you; just create who you want to be and be it!

    • Even on social media, confidence is the key to success!
      • Social media is not for the faint hearted, weak-minded, or insecure (well at least your virtual image can’t have these qualities). Remember you confidence is the key to promoting your brand! Show pride in your brand, stand behind your posts, and most importantly be provocative! Now when I say be provocative, I don’t necessarily mean in the Kim K way (unless that’s the brand image you’re shooting for). What I mean is, always promote an image that will work to obtain the reaction you are looking for from the public. Provocative actions can be thought provoking or visually stimulating images, words, and videos. Your goal is to create a brand through the use of content that is not only memorable to your niche market but also promotes the need for those consumers within your domain to take action. Marketing on social media is hard when you are attempting to be positive, just remember to be social, stay kind, but never be afraid to channel your inner Kanye if needed. 

    • There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help!
      • My final lesson is that everyone needs some help! Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family and ask that they make videos for you, share posts, or even comment and provide some additional interactions on your social media accounts. These are easy ways that we as entrepreneurs can reach out to those close to us for support.

    Thanks again for reading our blog and I’m looking forward to providing our CAM Fam with more updates on our entrepreneurial conquest into the world of fashion and cosmetics.

    Our intentions with the CAM Blog is to empower current and prospective entrepreneurs by sharing our personal experience in hopes that others will learn from us, laugh (any cry) with us, and most importantly bond with us and help us to become mature entrepreneurs!

    We are learning and would love to know your opinion! Let’s discuss this. What success have other entrepreneurs experienced with using social media as a marketing tool? What has your experience been like?

    Again all comments & opinions are welcome! Please share your experience/knowledge. Trust me we need all the help with can get on this journey.

    Until next time,

    Nicole G

    CamMorgan Boutique


    Article Referenced

    Thomas, B. (2017, May 19). Six reasons repetition in marketing is a good thing. Retrieved from https://watertightmarketing.com/2017/05/repetition-in-marketing/



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