10 Steps to Stress Free Online Shopping

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Finding a new store online is……...excitingly terrifying. You love the clothes, but how do you know that your purchase will make it to your doorstep? Use our top 10 steps for stress free shopping, to buy your favorite items without fear.
1) Know Your Measurements
Create a reference list of measurements for your bust, waist, hips, and inseam before shopping with any unknown retailer. If you aren’t confident that you’ll be able to properly take your measurements, reach out to your local tailor for a little help.
2) Check Size Charts
Using your reference measurements, review all the sizing information given to you on the new site. Reputable online brands will give you all the information that you’ll need to confidently size your item.
3) Style With Confidence
When shopping with a new online retailer, it is important that you choose styles that you know you’ll like. For an extensive guide on how to dress for your body type, click here.
4) Review Return Policy
Familiarize yourself with the return policies before you order. Look for information on the cost of returns, how long you have to return items, and whether there is a restocking fee. If you feel comfortable with the new retailer’s policies, then you can check out without strife.
5) Read Reviews
Scan comments for perspectives on size, fit, or quality. Reviews are a good way to determine if the new brand is dedicated to selling quality products and providing excellent customer service!
6) Have Reasonable Expectations
It’s important that you recognize that good lighting can change how you perceive an item online. Be open to small changes in color when you receive your item- but of course you shouldn’t keep a blue item when you ordered an orange one.
7) Look for SSL Encryption
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a certificate given to trustworthy online institutions. These sites have fraud protections in place that will ensure that your credit card information isn’t stolen from their database. Check that your new retailer’s sites start with “HTTPS” in the URL and/or that they have a padlock in the browser- doing so will guarantee that all your information is properly protected online.
8) Check Statements Regularly
Even with all this information, make sure that you are constantly checking your bank statements. If you see fraud on your account, it will be easier to identify how it was caused and correct the issue the quicker you find it.
9) Avoid Shopping in Public
Always shop in secure places. Shopping in an open café or library can leave you susceptible to theft by curious onlookers.
10) Reach Out to Customer Service
Don’t be afraid to ask your new retailer for additional information! Whether you ask for sizing clarification, fabric description, or for a list of active discounts- speaking directly with the retailer will help you gauge how dedicated they are to maintaining positive customer relations.
Happy Shopping!

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